1. In addition to admission fee, annual special fee and other fee that is paid at the time of enrolment and  admission to the Institution every bonafide student is to pay the following fee for the academic year.
Annual  Special Fee In the month of May
June to May Tuition Fee Term / Annual

Text Books & Note Books Fee, Laboratory Fee, Computer Science Lab Fee,
Magazine & Hand Book Fee, Students Council & Sports
Term :  Bus fee & Crèche Fee has to be paid term wise.

2. All the annual fee and the text books and notebooks  amount have to be paid on or before 10th May or as per intimation

3. The tuition fee may be paid for the whole year (i.e., 12 months) at the time of admission, or as term fee at the beginning of each term. Each installment shall be paid not later than the 5th day of each term.

4. Fee for the month of May will be collected along with April Fee

5. The annual fee / initial payments at the beginning of  every academic year will be accepted by Cash / DD

6. Excursion fee will be collected by the month of May for L.K.G to V classes.


1. Though the academic session begins by June every year, the annual / initial fee is to be paid on or before 10th May for the old students and as per the admission intimation card in the case of new admission in accordance with the rules and regulations laid by the Governing Body.

2. In order to enable the school to receive the fees in time, the school will impose fine on late payments.

3. For tuition fee paid later than 5th of every term (Oct/Jan) a fine of Rs.50 shall be levied and later than 10th Rs.100/- shall be levied.

4. After the 15th (Oct/Jan/May) of each term, the name of regular defaulters will be struck off the roll. If re-admitted at the discretion of the `Principal, a re-admission fee of Rs.500/- will be charged after clearing all the arrears.

5. Postal orders / Outstation Cheques or Mail Transfers through Banks are not accepted for school fees.

6. The fee rates are subjected to change as per the decision of the Governing Body.

7. Cheques must be crossed and drawn in favour of St. John’s Sr. Sec. School payable at Chennai.

8. Cheques will not be accepted after the 5th day of each term. Cheques once bounced a fine of Rs.200/- to be paid. (For bank and School Clearance)

9. Money orders / Cheques / Drafts will not be accepted by Post.

10. If a pupil leaves the school in the middle of the academic year he / she has to pay the fee for the full academic year & only then TC will be issued.

FEE ONCE PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED ON ANY REQUEST. Cheques will not be accepted. Only on accepting to the condition admission procedure will be processed. Any recommendation letter and appointment with the Principal will not be entertained.