1. Students leaving the school in the middle of the term for any reason must pay the school fee for the full academic year.

2. Request for Transfer Certificate (TC) should be submitted in the prescribed application form available at school office. Requisition will  be accepted only if it is through and signed by both the parents.

3. Transfer Certificate will be given to only those students who have no arrears of fees and other payments.

4. Parents / Guardians should themselves get the counter signature of the Joint Secretary, CBSE on the TC by getting a covering letter from the school office.


1. Those who remit term fee (Tuition Fee / Bus Fee / Exam Fee) late very frequently will be compelled to withdraw from the school at the end of the academic year.

2. Repeated defaulters may be withdrawn from the school. The parents will be compelled to clear the dues at the time of the withdrawal.

3. One ‘failure’ (detention in the class) due to poor academic performance can be allowed during orientation period.

Any failure after orientation period will result in compulsory withdrawal of the students from the school. No relaxation is permitted.

4. Any parent/ guardian /well wisher of the student found shouting /abusing fighting/
Speaking ill of the institution /staff/co-parent s/fellow students,
The concerned parent’s ward will be withdrawn from the school under compulsion.

5. The ward of those parents, who from groups/ gangs, or who are dis-satisfied
With the existing rules/regulations procedures on those conflicting/arguing (frequently) with the staff /Management may be withdrawn from the school roll in the ensuring academic session.

6. Any parents found dissatisfied with the administration, available infra-structure, Study pattern may withdraw compulsorily at the end of the academic year.