The school follows the Mandates of CBSE curriculum in all its classes from Pre KG -XII. The best of technology is available in every classroom. We also provide all state of art facilities required for teaching.

There is ample seating room for 35-40 children who are accommodated in a single classroom to ensure individual attention. We foster a positive learning environment with focus on concepts and hands-on learning as we have well-developed infrastructure including well-equipped Science laboratories, Math Lab, Computer Science lab, Home Science Lab, Art and Craft Centre, well-stocked Library and Reading Room, Infirmary and two main Halls with all audio-visual facilities.

We take pride in paying attention to all details as we focus on different types of intelligence, as proposed by Howard Gardner, such as:


skilled with words and language


skilled with logic, reasoning, and/or numbers


skilled at controlling bodily motion such as sports, dance, etc.


skilled with images, spatial judgment, and/or puzzles


skilled with sound, rhythm, tone, and music


skilled at communicating with/relating to others


skilled at self-knowledge, reflection, etc.


skilled at understanding/relating to the natural world

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We thereby care for the holistic development of the child leading to an all- round excellence.

Educating And Empowering since 1968

It is widely accepted that learning process is instrumental in shaping the personality of a child and the way he/she deals with situations of life. So, we facilitate the cultivation of a healthy thought process in children while grooming their cognitive abilities.

The values and life skills are incorporated in all our teaching-learning activities. In our school, children are exposed to various sources from whom they can imbibe immense knowledge, instrumental for their development.

We encourage participation in debates, seminars, discussions, dramatics, public speaking and other activities that enhance communication skill and helps with an overall intellectual, psychological and social growth of a child.

We focus on developing sociable practices such as empathy, friendship and respect, all of which turn out to be important in their adulthood.

We also ensure the constant presence of activities such as sports, art & craft that help children direct their boundless energy into something productive. We play an important role in facilitating all round development of all our students. Now a days, as many children are interested in online Classes, we have created a new facility for teachers to be able to stream lessons through Google Class room and be able to answer questions via live chat. Teachers can broadcast voice and video of themselves or just share a screen to explain a certain topic.


We offer Hindi & Tamil as second language till Secondary Classes. Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit & French are offered as third language for the middle schoolers.


In Senior Secondary Classes we offer many Subjects other than the normal subjects, which kindle the interest of students like Entrepreneurship, Informatics Practices, Legal Studies, Home Science, Fashion Designing, Psychology and Physical Education.

We offer a Special Online Program as MADS School once a week, which focuses on teaching Music, Art, Dance and Sports as per the choice of selection of a child.

Music positively impacts a child’s academic performance, assists in developing social skills, and provides an outlet for creativity that is crucial to a child’s development.

Instead of being fed facts, through Art education, students can explore their interests and indulge in what excites them the most. It fosters collaboration and improves emotional balance helping kids become team players.

Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence don’t just come from the brain alone, but from the entire body. Movement combinations increase memory, order, and sequencing skills. So, Our School focuses on teaching dance through such special online programs on Saturdays.

Grievance redressal mechanism of our School is very effective and we strive to keep our kids happy and safe at all times. Parents can mail their grievances of any kind like discontent or dissatisfaction to a given mail id and get the same fixed within a week’s time.

Online Learning

The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Our School, therefore, was forced to reorient the processes and policies pertinent to teaching and learning practices.

We navigated various online teaching-learning processes and quickly onboarded to a good Learning Management System, oriented our teachers and students to get accustomed to it, upgraded our technical gadgets and upscaled our technical inventories. The shift of attitude in us, in our parents, teachers and students helped us achieve our goal of effective online Classes easily.


The online schooling methodology is designed in such a way that students from any part of the globe can have a ST. JOHN’S education, from the comfort of their homes. By all these, we help the learner become a self-directed lifelong learner.

Get the whole traditional school experience ONLINE.


A disciplined school which doesn't show partiality among the children. My son is growing up with good moral and with good education. St. John's has a great legacy of creating students of greater heights. Even during the pandemic, the online education and the effort taken towards the same by the management and the teachers is excellent and supportive for the students.
As parents and student of this school, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, collaboration, and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive and exponential developments in my son. He is so blessed to have teachers like you and also proud that my son is studying in St. John's senior secondary school.
We thank the management for making the best efforts of doing the online classes so well and in an organized way. Dealing with little kids during online classes is so difficult but even during this pandemic the teachers have done a fabulous job of training the kids in a very soft way. They have been so friendly towards kids and the kids are so much happy playing dancing and learning new concepts along with them. We thank the management and all teachers for being in their classes at the right time and maintaining google suit information in a very confidential way. We are so grateful and happy to be a part of the family of St. John’s. Once again thanking you all for all the efforts you have done for the children.
Our school has brought new ways and techniques for online classes Our School is introducing new methods to adapt the students with online classes. For Example, wearing of uniforms during online classes. No other school is using this type of new methods to students. Like wearing with uniform. Our school is conducting assembly, special assembly to feel students that they are in school. Our school is taking lots of effort to make children study even in online classes and also P.T. I am very happy.
With immense pleasure we thank St. John's for the great initiative and proactive action and efforts taken during this uncertain situation for the benefits of our ward - imparting online education. We are thankful to our principal madam, teachers and the coordinators who are working round the clock in executing the plan in an organised manner which in turn aids our wards to attend classes in a focused manner and easy to access the notes and assignments. Each subject teachers are showing a high level of technical competence clarifying the doubts promptly with patience and commitment which really creates a healthy environment and assists in gaining vast knowledge in all subjects. Apart from academics, motivating our wards in extra-curricular activities paving a gateway for bright future, success and of course reducing psychological distress. Hats off to all the teachers for their marvellous works and continuous guidance!
St. John’s Online class is really good and the teaching is awesome Teacher always maintains a regular interactive session with the students which is helpful for them to be attentive throughout the whole session Teaching ways are good and handled with utmost care to groom and shape the child in a right way. We are very happy with the teaching part and excited to travel with St. Johns in the upcoming years.
Online classes were conducted much effectively by St. John’s Senior Secondary School, right from the beginning. Teachers were very much kind to listen to the children’s queries addressing them one by one. Whenever there were internet issues, teachers understood the situation and allowed children to login through mobile phone. We understand the challenge involved in conducting classes online for which we appreciate teachers and school management for consistently keeping their standard of teaching high.
My child is enjoying the online class. School management is taking a great job. In this pandemic situation online class is effectively done by the school management. The online class is like a real school. Homework & Test are also taken by the student. I really enjoy the online sessions. Teachers are also working effectively during online class. In this corona situation though there is no schools online classes are very effective. Thank you
When online classes started, we were worried as to how the children would be coping up as it is a new concept. But today I am very grateful to the school faculty and the management who worked around the clock to ensure smooth transition from classroom teaching to interactive online sessions with the support of technology which have been running successfully over the past two years. This hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated. As my daughter is studying in class X, it is a very crucial time for her. But because of the continued efforts, commitment and hard work taken by St. John’s teachers and the management, I am fully satisfied with the online classes.
As parents, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. We have witnessed massive and exponential development in my daughter. She is so blessed to have teachers like you and I feel exceptionally obliged to have my daughter studying in St. John’s Sr. Sec. School. Thanks for your endurance, quality, care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion you provide each and every day. My daughter feels very comfortable and she tries to follow her teacher as a role model at home, Thanking you
Experience in St. John’s throughout these twelve years is the best of all, in my life .They care for each individual understanding that all flowers Bloom taking their own time. Inspiring online sessions and exquisite infrastructure here proves it a place to pursue a bright future. Happy to stay here being blessed.
A path to bloom was opened 11 years ago when I stepped inside St. John’s senior secondary School. This school is actually different from other schools. Even though the pandemic has been an hinderance to the academics, the online classes were carried out perfectly. The extracurricular programs were excellent. One of the greatest program of 2021, "The Christmas celebration" blown our minds.
A path to a different world was unfolded at the moment I realized this school could take me to a greater height. The School analyses a student like a dish, adding the required ingredients that can be taken by each student to give the taste that they want to give. The smell wahh...awesome! Blessed to be a small part of this school for twelve years.
Our school made sure to give us a reciprocity environment for great learning. As an online class has got many features to explore, students go over with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they understand the concepts better in great depth and have leisure time learning about the emerging trends which would surely help us in future. The dubiety of the students are clarified and we get to enjoy the flawless learning session from the comfort of our home. My school made an effort to try and test various apps to make sure we the students get a holistic education with real-time examples, presentations and videos to such an extent that we are able to grasp the concept at its finest. Even though we miss physical schooling we learnt so much about technology in these 2 years of online classes which opens the way for our better future.
As parents, we would like to show our appreciation to the teachers who have taught my son and has guided him to achieve amazing results in his exams. They have been a source of confidence and inspiration for my child to work hard and achieve the level where he is today! Wishing the teachers all the best in their future endeavours. Thanking you
The thing which I like about school is meeting your favourite teachers and friends. and listening to your favourite lectures, then playing with your friends during physical training classes. and most important is learning. The whole sole reason that you’re actually there. Broadening your horizons and becoming a better person is always the best part. I highly appreciate all the teachers and management for all the power, inspiration and encouragement. The teachers sensibly make my child feel more secure and more independent. Yes, I am grateful for their efforts. The school does not focus only academics, my kids are all-rounders in cultural activities. These are the some of the good things. I feel worth sharing.
The school campus has nice atmosphere where we have a ground where students usually pray in assembly daily and do something during PT period in school. Our school has a computer science lab, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab and a Science Park. While coming into the classroom there are 2 boards one black board and a green board and a smart board also. Teachers have experience of more than 5 years and the teaching is fantastic and they teach new things and concepts. But nowadays we miss the offline classes and we want to attend the school from the school campus. Online classes are really helpful for the students, especially during this lockdown period. We are very much satisfied with the online classes taken every day, as they are helpful to students to learn without wasting time and days. We are satisfied with the teachings as we understand clearly. Home works are given regularly and projects based on subjects which will make student engaged in studies are done regularly. Online classes provide good quality of education to students at the comfort of their homes and also help in controlling in spreading of viruses among students. We really want to thank all the teachers for taking time and teaching our kids every day and help them to gain more knowledge and he active.
I would like take time to appreciate the wonderful effort that the management and teachers have put. The classes were well organized with teachers teaching very well, following strictly the syllabus, adhering to values of the school, disciplined and overall been a great alternative to offline/regular class. I would like take time thank every teacher both subject teacher and class teachers of last 2 years. They not only taught but coached students, giving activities and homework regularly and also ensuring completion. I also like the way the Exams are conducted. I am sure, we as parents witnessed a real class than mere online/Virtual class unlike many schools.
Online education has become very popular since past few years. Students can take online education from the comfort of their home. In the past two years, I have enjoyed the most about the online schooling due to its flexibility & convenience. I am able to be see Classes done on time in Class and spend my time with teachers without any struggle. Online learning is very convenient since I can help my child complete assignments easily. Teaching on white board by teachers helped us a lot."
We have recently enrolled our daughters in Grade 5 and Grade 9. We are truly mentioning that this school was a great choice for our children. We are happy to see the changes in their education, Well-educated and friendly teachers, and excellent online classes. My sincere thanks to St. John's Senior Secondary School. Regarding online classes, very good coaching, perfect Time table, teachers are very dedicated to take the class also very happy to see the friendly conversation between the students and teachers. We are also happy to see our kids have regular school timings in online classes. Children are very interested to attend the classes regularly. Also happy about completion of portions on time and very good revision classes. With regards,
As essential is a foundation to a building, a school is to a child's development. St. John's Sr. Sec. School strives hard to impart education at its best. It not only gives a disciplined education, it also encourages the children in sports and extra- curricular activities. So, it gives a wholesome experience to them. Guidance from a distinguished leader like Dr. Nalini Wilson, the teachers of St. John's senior secondary school provide value based education at exponential levels.
I am very satisfied about online classes because regular school timing is followed in online classes. Teachers are very friendly and there exists a good relationship between teachers and students. Teachers are very dedicated. They are finishing portions on time and are giving revision tests properly. Being in uniform is a practice followed in online classes. I can see how well my kid performs in online classes too. My thanks to St. John’s CBSE School.
The patience and commitment towards our child's improvement are really commendable. The online classes have a new concept to keep the learning going on. Through your hard efforts my child is getting education in a safe and comfortable environment at home. We are satisfied with the operation, discipline, and learning systems of the school. All teachers & staff are very helpful and my son learns a lot
If there is a will there is a way. St. John's Sr. Sec. School had the will to make the online classes successful for the students and teachers and they have achieved it very well by well planning and their dynamic approach. The online classes taught my daughter to understand that smart phones are not only for playing purposes but can be used to develop knowledge as well.

I am here to say I am very happy that I got admission for him in a great school, you not only focus on improving my son’s areas of need but also really put a huge emphasis on bolstering his strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and warm environment. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic activities, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges.
We the would like to take this prospect to thank the management, teachers for their continuous care, effort, support and patience for the virtual classes during the pandemic situation. We appreciate the way of keeping the interest of kids alive by including online activities and competitions. Great efforts done by the Management and Teachers and we salute to all their efforts and dedication for making online classes flawless for the students. Thank you.