Principal’s Message


Greetings from St. John’s!

I am delighted in stating that at St .John’s Senior Secondary School, we foster a positive spirit, believing in each child and working towards empowering each one of them. We make our students future-ready by unlocking their potential and helping them find their higher purpose.

Completion of fifty years is a life time achievement but the ‘how’ of completion is a billion-dollar question. As God spoke in Zachariah 4:10, who hath despised the day of small beginning, the school which had a humble beginning of four faculty and forty-seven students has grown reasonably strong today.

The numerous sleepless days and prayerful nights spent by Mrs & Dr. Rajakumar – The founder couple endlessly giving their mind, body & soul to the institution like sculptors chiselling the rocks paved way for where we are now.

Passing through the various phases of ups and downs, the school is breathing fresh air as there are wide scopes for the discipline cutting across narrow borders and boundaries of particular subjects and fields of study and I wish the school to be a catalyst in transforming the world which will be its greatest achievement in its journey of reaching the next stage, the diamond jubilee year.

In its history, St. John’s has provided the students with opportunities, educational resources, and programs to grow in faith, to learn and achieve academically, to develop talents and skills in extracurricular activities and to serve the community.

Over the years the school has been always committed to provide the present and future students with the very best in educational instruction, facilities, equipment and programs.

We have a well- balanced curriculum and through our academic and co-curricular activities our students are helped to focus on confidence building along with developing the sense of social and environmental responsibility in them. We provide ample opportunities for students to participate in various competitions of their choice which will allow them to discover their innate talent and fine tune them.

We also constantly endeavour to build spiritual values and moral principles in our staff and students.

During Covid -19 when Schools were shut all around the world, we navigated various online teaching learning processes and quickly onboarded to a good Learning management System, oriented our teachers and students to get accustomed to it, upgraded our technical gadgets and upscaled our technical inventories. The shift of attitude in us, in our parents, teachers and students helped us achieve our goal of effective online Classes easily.

For all these, the speed of change and the explosion of knowledge is very important in teachers. I therefore help my teachers continuously upskill themselves through various in- house, outsourced and CBSE Centre of Excellence trainings.

To be successful in life, I do the same and encourage all my stakeholders to compete with their own selves by stretching their own boundaries, rather competing with others. Together as Johnian community we all aspire to reach for the stars.

We look forward to becoming a community of life- long learners and face the challenges of this ever-changing world.

Dr. Nalini Wilson
Principal & Correspondent,
St.John’s Senior Secondary School,
Mandaveli, Chennai.